13th WideHealth Seminar: Tine Kolenik, “Persuasive technology for mental health”

Registration link: https://bit.ly/3zdRkyh
Registration is free (zoom link shared before the session to those who register)

Date: To be announced

Speaker: Tine Kolenik

Title: Persuasive technology for mental health

Abstract: Mental healthcare seems to universally contain barriers to access where the vast majority of people struggle to get help from a mental health professional. Introducing technology to help with the non-clinical population might prove beneficial. However, such systems must be an interdisciplinary effort of behavioral sciences, artificial intelligence, and digital mental health. The seminar presents this interdisciplinary effort, overviewing methodology from appropriate data collection to relevant psychological theories and methods from computer science necessary for effective solutions.

Short bio: Tine Kolenik is a PhD Fellow in the Department of Intelligent Systems at the Jožef Stefan Institute and an assistant lecturer at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School in Slovenia, finishing his doctoral thesis on a novel system for computational psychotherapy. A Master in cognitive science, he is primarily interested in computational study of attitude and behavior change in mental health as well as technologies for psychotherapeutic interventions. Kolenik is also associated with the Center for Cognitive Science of University of Ljubljana and the Institute of Synergetics and Psychotherapy Research of Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg.

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