Pervasive Health and Smart Sensing
at the Information Society 2022

Call for papers


Recent advances in sensor technologies and their pervasiveness allow the development of numerous applications and services to improve people’s health. The conference on Pervasive Health and Smart Sensing invites papers presenting novel research on utilizing sensors placed on users’ bodies and in their environments to understand and improve their health and wellbeing. We are interested in sensing devices, methods, and applications for obtaining and analysing different categories of data (physiological, behavioural, emotional, environmental etc.) and utilizing different technologies such as signal processing, machine learning, etc. for empowering citizens and health professionals to take action based on the analyzed sensor data.


The conference is open (but not limited) to the following topics:

  • pervasive health
  • wearable sensors
  • smart sensing
  • methodology
  • applications
  • algorithms
  • use cases
  • technologies


All paper contributions are needed to be submitted in Easy Chair following this link.
LaTex and Word templates are available HERE.

The maximum number of pages is 4 in two-column format.
Language: English, Strongly recommended to do a language check before submitting (native speaker, Grammarly)

The best papers will be invited to publish an extended version of the paper in the Special Issue on “Smart Sensing for Pervasive Health” in the MDPI Sensors Journal.

Important dates

Submission deadline: 21st August 2022
Notification deadline: 18th September 2022
Conference date: 13th-14th October 2022

Location: Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Conference Chairs

Nina Reščič (JSI)
Daniel Denkovski (UKIM)
Oscar Mayora (FBK)

TPC Members (to be updated)

Oscar Mayora (FBK)
Daniel Denkovski (UKIM)
Nina Reščič (JSI)
Orhan Konak (HPI)
Hristijan Gjoreski (UKIM)
Valentin Rakovic (UKIM)
Diogo Branco (FC.ID)