Here you can find all the public seminars organized by the WideHealth project on the topics of e-Health and Pervasive health.
The whole Seminar series are available as videos on Youtube, and as a podcast on Spotify.
For individual seminar details and links, please check the table below.

Neuroscience-based interactionMonica Tentori YoutubeCentro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada, Baja California12/06/2023Completed
Stress prediction: Is it really that simple?Junoš Lukan YoutubeJožef Stefan Institute19/05/2023Completed
Federated Learning for Activity Recognition: A System Level PerspectiveBorche Jovanovski YoutubeSs Cyril and Methodius University09/05/2023Completed
Zgli: A Pipeline for Clustering by Compression with Application to Patient Stratification in SpondyloarthritisDiogo Azevedo YoutubeFaculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa04/04/2023Completed
Federated Learning for Anomaly Detection in IoT NetworksAna Cholakoska YoutubeSs Cyril and Methodius University21/02/2023Completed
Vital Signs as source of racial biasBojana Velichkovska YoutubeSs Cyril and Methodius University02/02/2023Completed
Automating the Generation of Dialogue Managers for HealthcareMilene Teixeira Youtube
University of Trento28/06/2022Completed
StudyU: A platform for conducting digital N-of-1 trials that link personalized medicine and population health researchStefan Konigorski Youtube
Digital biomarkers for chronic diseases: Lessons learnedWalter Maetzler Youtube
University Hospital in Kiel17/05/2022Completed
Democratising Healthcare Technologies: Wearables to cue for drooling in Parkinson’s DiseaseKyle Montague Youtube
Northumbria University10/05/2022Completed
Knowledge Science for trust in AI-based biomedical and clinical applicationsCatia Pesquita Youtube
FCiências.ID - Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências26/04/2022Completed
A pilot study: Here be dragons!Anton Gradišek/Jožef Stefan Institute05/04/2022Completed
Activity recognition with a few twists: Experiences from SHL Challenges 2019 and 2020Mitja Lustrek Youtube
Jožef Stefan Institute11/01/2022Completed
DataPark: Reflections from a Longitudinal Deployment of a Digital Platform for PD MonitoringDiogo Branco Youtube
FCiências.ID - Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências19/10/2021Completed
Wearable Computing and its Machine-Learning ApplicationsHristijan Gjoreski Youtube
Ss Cyril and Methodius University14/09/2021Completed
Predicting deterioration of critically ill patientsVenet Osmani Youtube
Fondazione Bruno Kessler Research Institute22/06/2021Completed
IMU-Based Trajectory Image Classification for Human Activity RecognitionOrhan Konak Youtube
WildKey: A Privacy-Aware Keyboard Toolkit for In-The-Wild Data CollectionAndré Rodrigues Youtube
FCiências.ID - Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências18/05/2021Completed
XPrize Pandemic Response ChallengeNina Reščič Youtube
Jožef Stefan Institute04/05/2021Completed