Training Materials on Research Management and Administration

During its course the WideHealth project and WP3 in particular has produced training materials on different topics in research management and administration, including aspects such as ethics and data management, EU project administration and financial management, as well as research exploitation and intellectual property management. Part of the training materials are available for public dissemination, part were intended for in-person delivery and can be obtained upon request.

The presentation materials (pdf) can be made accessible upon request by filling out the following form.

Pervasive Health: Where Does it Come From? What’s Next?Pervasive health principles and how they can be transferred to clinical practice, with an additional focus on ethics, data management and the legal framework. How to deal with sensitive data and privacy by design principles to enhance security in pervasive health systems.Public (Youtube)
Introduction to Open Science and Open DataWays of disseminating scientific research results, tools to identify the most appropriate channels within the open science framework. European Commission Open Science policies, FAIR principles for making research data consistent and reusable, and open access publication models.Public (Youtube)
Panel: Research Management and Administration of TrainingRoundtable discussion focusing on research excellence, societal impact, funding management and identification of relevant communities and networks. Soft skills for research group management, resource allocation as well as strategic definition of the research team, regarding aspects such as targeting funding, strategy for dissemination of research, selection of relevant research topics.Public (Youtube)
Evaluation of Pervasive and Digital Health SystemsEvaluation methodologies of technologies within the context of digital health, particularly technical and users evaluation, clinical feasibility and clinical research outcomes, safety and efficacy (both related to observational and experimental studies).Public (Youtube)
EU Proposal - Funding Opportunities IdentificationFunding Programmes of the EU, specifically on objectives and missions of Horizon Europe projects. Guidelines for setting up a proposal, specifically on how to shape an idea based on the topic, the work program and the consortium. Funding & Tender Portal tutorial. The concept of IP in H2020.Upon request
Good Research StrategiesResearch strategies, starting from a strong research question. How to develop a research plan, considering motivation, approach, results, contribution and ethical aspects. Advices on how to write research papers.Public (Youtube)
Science Communication: Tips & Tricks for EffectivenessHow to identify the best channels for disseminating the research group and one's research, as well as one’s activity as a researcher. In-depth study on how to improve effectiveness in science communication on Social Media.Public (Youtube)
Management of Healthcare Data within Clinical StudyEU legal framework, GDPR and its implications on the processing of personal data. How to implement the GDPR principles within clinical trials was considered, ethical committee procedures and the ethical protocol for pre-clinical and clinical experimentation.Public (Youtube)
Dealing with Data in a Clinical StudyConcepts related to GDPR, data management. In addition, data collection process is described, focusing on the aim of the study, type of necessary data and appropriate methods for data processing (e.g., calculating the sample size with the power analysis).Public (Youtube)
Round Table: Gender Equality in ICTBenefits of having a balanced team in terms of gender, the female quota, how to encourage women to start careers in tech and what might need to be done differently to make the field of computer science attractive to all. Possible ways of action to increase the representation of women in computer science.Public (Youtube)
EU Project Financial ManagementOverview on EU project budget and the main elements such as eligible costs, direct and indirect costs, timesheet and records keeping. Exercises on how to calculate the personnel costs to be charged to the action and how to correctly fill out a timesheet to avoid missing items and common errors.Upon request
EU Project ReportingFinancial and Technical Reporting with practical examples. Regarding Financial Report, how to calculate the project costs, what information is necessary. Regarding the Technical Report, the structure and what should be done by the Coordinator and the partners.
Upon request
Deliverable WritingAn overview on the different types of deliverables that can be present in a project. Focus also on milestones.Upon request
From Research to MarketIntellectual property rights (IPR), how to identify exploitable outputs, choosing the best tool for each situation and type of result. An insight of IPR through the review of its main instruments, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents.Upon request
Round Table: e-Health and Pervasive Health Technologies: Challenges and OpportunitiesThe panelists, academia and industry experts, discussed the current and future trends in the fields of e-Health and Pervasive Health.Public (Youtube)
Round Table: Chances and Risks of AIRoundtable discussion delving into the evolving landscape of AI risks, with a particular focus on the shifting dynamics surrounding trust, reliability, accountability, sustainability and ethical considerations across various applications. Public (Youtube)