Public Deliverables

D1.1 Project Management HandbookDefines the coordination of the project, the project structure and all the necessary information and guidance to ensure that all costs are incurred respecting H2020 rules and provisions.Mar. 2021
D1.3 Dissemination and Communication PlanDescribes the policy and strategy for dissemination; details about disseminating how, to whom and with which results, about social media visibility, press and media, knowledge transfer and so on...Apr. 2021
D1.4 Data Management PlanDescribes the generation, maintenance and utilization of high-quality data in the project.Apr. 2021
D2.2 Mid-Term Report on Early-Stage Researchers and Researchers Training ActivitiesProvides an overview of the activities delivered for early-stage researchers and a plan for the next period of the project.Dec. 2021
D3.1 Mid-Term Report on Research Management and Administration TrainingProvides a summary of the material produced for the training in WP3 and of the status of the training delivered.Dec. 2021
D4.1 Report on Events OrganisationLists all the events carried out in the first year of the project and provides an overview of what was accomplished in each.Dec. 2021
D5.1 UKIM Publications in High Impact Journals in the WideHealth Research FieldsA reference point that will be used to measure the evolution of the Coordinator in terms of increase in publications in the high-impact journals. Feb. 2021
D5.2 Plan on Output ProductionSummary of the activities that have led and/or will lead to the production of outputs and the foreseen plan for the rest of the project.Dec. 2021