ETAI’21: Round Table on e-Health and Pervasive Health Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities

We have successfully organized the online Round Table discussion on the topic of “e-Heath and Pervasive Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities”, as part of the International ETAI’21 online conference.

Panelists at the Round Table:

  • Zaklina Cagoroska (Ministry of Health in North Macedonia, Advisor in the e-Health Directorate)
  • Damjan Manchevski (MAK-SYSTEM, Director of Strategic Accounts and General Manager Balkans, North Macedonia)
  • Dragan Shahpaski (CTO of Sorsix, North Macedonia)
  • Dr. Oscar Mayora (Researcher at FBK, Italy) – WideHealth Project Member
  • Dr. Mitja Lustrek (Researcher at JSI, Slovenia) – WideHealth Project Member
  • Dr. Hristijan Gjoreski (Asst. Professor at FEEIT, UKIM Skopje) – WideHealth Project Manager, moderator at the Round Table

The panelists, academia and industry experts, discussed the current and future trends in the fields of e-Health and Pervasive Health. The discussion was initiated by the moderator, Dr. Hristijan Gjoreski from UKIM, and was then followed by the first panelist Dr. Oscar Mayora from FBK, Italy. Oscar has laid out the basics of the e-Health and Pervasive health topics, which were then further elaborated from technical perspective by Dr. Mitja Lustrek from JSI, Slovenia. Mitja has shared his rich experience in the area of wearables and their usage in medical applications. In the continuation of the discussion, Zaklina Cagoroska from the Ministry of Health in North Macedonia, has shared her experience of creating and developing National e-Health system in North Macedonia. She elaborated more on the “Moj Termin” National e-health system and presented some basic statistics and usage of the system. Then, Dragan Shahpaski from Sorsix, North Macedonia, shared his knowledge in creating e-Health systems and all the challenges that has to be taken care of in the process. Damjan Manchevski from MAK-SYSTEM, North Macedonia, further elaborated how critical is for these systems to be interoperable and interconnected to other digital systems nation-wide and with international standards. The discussion continued and topics such as data privacy, system interoperability, user identification, legal issues were discussed.

To hear the full Round Table discussion, watch our YouTube video of the event below. Visit our YouTube channel for more WideHealth public events and content.

The EU-funded WideHealth project aims to conduct research on pervasive eHealth and establish a sustainable network of research and dissemination across Europe.