ETAI’21: Special Session on eHealth and Pervasive Health

As part of the ETAI 2021 conference, WideHealth successfully organized a Special Session on eHealth and Pervasive Health. This session hosted all the conference papers on the relevant eHealth topics, including:

  • Data driven eHealth,
  • Pervasive health,
  • Machine Learning for eHealth,
  • Statistical approaches for eHealth,
  • Data visualizations and statistical analysis for eHealth.

The WideHealth partners participated the Special Session and presented the following papers:

  1. P. Kocuvan, et al., “INSIEME: A Unifying Electronic and Mobile Health Platform”
  2. V. Janko and M. Luštrek, “Predicting Trends and Anomalies in Daily Activities”
  3. N. Reščič, et al., “Finding Efficient Intervention Plans Against Covid-19”
  4. A. Cholakoska, et al., “Machine Learning based Anomaly Detection in Ambient Assisted Living Environments”
  5. B. Velichkovska, et al., “Investigating Presence of Ethnoracial Bias in Clinical Data using Machine Learning”

Watch the video below to hear the paper presentations and discussions. Visit our YouTube channel for more WideHealth public events and content.

The EU-funded WideHealth project aims to conduct research on pervasive eHealth and establish a sustainable network of research and dissemination across Europe.