ETAI’21: Special Session on eHealth and Pervasive Health

We are happy to announce that as part of the ETAI 2021 conference, WideHealth will organize a Special Session on eHealth and Pervasive Health. This session will host all the papers on the relevant eHealth topics, including:

  • Data driven eHealth,
  • Pervasive health,
  • Machine Learning for eHealth,
  • Statistical approaches for eHealth,
  • Data visualizations and statistical analysis for eHealth.

The WideHealth partners will participate the Special Session and present the following papers:

  1. V. Janko and M. Luštrek, “Predicting Trends and Anomalies in Daily Activities”
  2. P. Kocuvan, et al., “INSIEME: A Unifying Electronic and Mobile Health Platform”
  3. N. Reščič, et al., “Finding Efficient Intervention Plans Against Covid-19”
  4. A. Cholakoska, et al., “Machine Learning based Anomaly Detection in Ambient Assisted Living Environments”
  5. B. Velichkovska, et al., “Investigating Presence of Ethnoracial Bias in Clinical Data using Machine Learning”

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