Meet the WideHealth team: FBK

Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) is a research Center based in the North of Italy, Trento. In the WideHealth project, FBK is leader of WP3 for the Research Management and Training of Early-Stage Researchers and is supporting the coordinator UKIM with hands-on training for the coordinating activities. Fondazione Bruno Kessler conducts research and application work in different areas, such as Cybersecurity, Digital Society, Digital Industry, Digital Health and Wellbeing, Health Emergencies, as well as in evaluation research on public policies. FBK aims to provide excellence in science and technology: this is achieved due to their constant attention to collaborations and exchange activities with research organizations, both institutional and corporate, national, and international, which extend their innovation capability and involve the community and the local economy in the circulation of knowledge and technologies.

The research group specialised on Pervasive Health is the Center for Digital Health & Wellbeing, which is the partner of the WideHealth project. The activities of the Center mainly concern the field of Computer Science and AI techniques and methodologies for health and healthcare, as well as social and technological innovation for a relevant impact on the local community as well as nationally and internationally. The focus of the Center is the healthcare of the future based on the paradigm of 4P Medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, Participatory) and on principles of equity and citizen empowerment. Some of the research lines are dedicated to the activities of the TrentinoSalute4.0 competence center for the development of digital health within the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The WideHealth FBK team is led by senior researcher prof. Oscar Mayora, who has been involved in projects on the topic of pervasive healthcare and assistive technologies as Principal Investigator: prof. Venet Osmani and prof. Claudio Eccher are contributing in the project especially as trainers for the student exchanges in WP2. Sara Testa, project manager specialised in data management and ethics issues in the field of ehealth, is leading WP3 activities together with project manager Paola Tessari. As WP3 leader, FBK has organised so far 4 workshops focusing on the current European Commission Research & Innovation programme Horizon Europe, and the management of a H2020 project, especially from a financial point of view. FBK has been active in WP2 activities as, in September 2021, has hosted Nina Reščič from JSI for an exchange related to Nutrition Monitoring and FBK PhD Milene Santos Teixeira was hosted by FC.ID with a focus on Health Dialogue Systems in October 2021. Expected outputs in both cases are the production of joint scientific papers that are currently being defined between the researchers involved in these specific collaborations.

The EU-funded WideHealth project aims to conduct research on pervasive eHealth and establish a sustainable network of research and dissemination across Europe.